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Discover how removing all the data & process challenges empowers you to deliver safer, healthier, and more enjoyable communities.






Save Time, Save Lives

Homelessness, substance usage, prison recidivism, mental health, and judicial reform are just a few of the many social challenges threatening the foundation of our communities. Combatting these challenges falls heavily on the shoulders of local government.

Making our communities safer, more enjoyable, and improving the lives of your constituents are significant tasks. Mercurio Analytics is here for you!

No one deserves to fall through the cracks due to a data problem.

Mercurio's Prescriptive D4 Platform

You need a proven solution that removes all the data and process challenges and leaves nothing out so you can successfully elevate people.

  • Proactively address and manage social challenges
  • Identify at-risk individuals earlier
  • Gain clarity on understanding drivers and determinants
  • Develop cross-departmental programs and improve workflows
  • Create policies and make decisions based on all the data, in real-time
  • Securely and seamlessly share data
  • Reduce risk
  • Actualize Digital Transformation by implementing new ways of thinking and strategy