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Transform Lives

Achieve a Unified, One-Department Approach and Mindset and Empower Your Government Agency with an All-Inclusive, End-to-End Cloud-based SaaS Data Management & Analytics Platform.

Navigate Challenges

Delve into the Nuances of Your Community’s Complex Social Challenges, Uncover Underlying Issues, and Shape Impactful Policies and Decisions with Mercurio Analytics.

See the Whole Picture

Uncover the Underlying Situations Driving Service Demand for At-Risk Individuals with Mercurio Analytics.

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Unleash the Power of Data to Maximize Impact, Achieve Measurable Outcomes, and Create Safer, Healthier, and More Enjoyable Communities with Mercurio Analytics.

Achieve Results Beyond Expectations

Unlock the Full Potential of Government Data  

In today’s fast-paced world, government agencies recognize the importance of data management. However, traditional consulting engagements often fall short in addressing complex social challenges, proving lengthy and costly. That’s where Mercurio steps in. Our comprehensive, all-inclusive, end-to-end SaaS data management and analytics solution combines targeted strategies, cutting-edge technology, and advanced analytics to finally unleash the true potential of government data. It’s time to liberate your data, drive progress, and improve lives through impactful decisions and targeted policies. Together, let’s shape a brighter future with Mercurio. 

Data-Driven Success for Results-Driven Team

When you choose Mercurio, you’re embarking on a collaborative journey with a team of passionate experts who are fully committed to your agency’s success. We comprehend the distinctive challenges you encounter and stand by your side at every stage. With our comprehensive solution, tailored strategies, and unmatched expertise, we empower you to harness the full potential of your data, make impactful decisions, and drive positive change in your organization and community. Together, let’s pave the way for data-driven success with Mercurio as your trusted partner.

Mental Health

Measure Population Health
Identify Co-Occuring Diagnosis
Embrace Recovery Oriented Approach
Provide Integrated Support

Criminal Justice

Decrease Prison Recidivism
Support Continuum of Care
Improve Firearm Registry by 99%
Reduce Prison Processing Time by 77%


Reduce Service Recidivism
Holistic, Person-Centric Approach
Cross-Departmental Service Approach
Reduce Homelessness by 22%

Children’s Services

Improve Placement Success
Reduce Child Placement Risk
Identify Best-Suited Cross-Agency Programs
Streamline Successful Aging-Out Transition

A Few Things We’re Great At

With our proprietary strategies and modern, end-to-end, all-inclusive SaaS data management and analytics platform focused on population health, Mercurio D4 delivers deep insights from across the organization with our market-driven, interactive dashboards, reports, and AI solutions. 

Uncover the Impact of Mental Health 

Explore the Multiple Dimensions of Mental Health Challenges in Your Community with Mercurio D4.

Comprehensive Insights into Homelessness

Gain a Complete Landscape View of Homelessness Challenges with Mercurio D4.

Data-Driven Capacity Planning

Accurately Forecast Services and Capacity Based on Actual Demand of At-Risk Individuals with Mercurio D4.

Driving Transparency

Gain Insight into Provider Activities and Service Recipient Details for Increased Transparency with Mercurio D4.

Facilitating Crisis Response

Empower First Responders and Staff to Find the Best-Suited Facility for Individuals in Crisis with Mercurio D4 BedBoard.

Supercharge Policing Strategies

Unleash Real-Time Intelligence on Notorious Offenders and Unveil Hotspots of Criminal Activity with Mercurio D4.

Transform Your Organization. 

Empowering Safer, Healthier, & More Enjoyable Communities

Client Testimonials

Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services

40% Reduction in Homelessness | Reduction Prison Recidivism 

ability to define, collect and communicate metrics, paired with… the vision situated Philadelphia’s Behavioral Health system to be among  the best in the Country, if not the world.” 

David T. Jones , Commissioner

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