Mercurio Analytics: Reimagining Government

Transforming the interaction between data, people, processes, and organizations to achieve and communicate optimized results

The way we work, the technologies we use, and how we do things have completely changed. Organizations are trying to keep up with the latest advances in technology and the increasing demand for transparency and capabilities without having to start from scratch  

Successful digital and data transformations result in significantly improved business processes. This requires more than just the latest technology. New ways of managing, organizing, processing, securing, and sharing data are required. When it comes to data, Mercurio Analytics works hand-in-hand with you to take your organization to a whole new level. With years of experience in a variety of industries and understanding that each organization has its own unique and nuanced environments and cultures, the Mercurio Analytics’ team has honed the ability to create and deliver targeted strategies that strengthen your data fabric. We do this by leveraging a blend of industry best practices, techniques, and proprietary methodologies tailored specifically to your organization.  

Mercurio helps you evaluate what works, what can be deprecated, what can be refined, and what is needed to fill in the gaps. We deliver a technology landscape that is simplified, agile, modern, and ultimately enables your success with today’s demands and sets the foundation for those coming tomorrow and beyond.     

Don’t Work For Data, Make Data Work For You

Mercurio Analytics’ Domains of Expertise

Mercurio Analytics designs & implements the required foundation and works with you to incorporate a winning AI and Machine Learning strategy.   

Leveraging Mercurio D4’s proprietary data model and security, agencies are up and running in as little as 4 weeks. 

Data Management 

& Data Governance

Data Management and Data Governance go hand-in-hand to build a solid foundation. Data Governance without Data Management is simply a blueprint for your most valuable asset.

Data Management implements the rules, policies, security, organizational structures, and end-to-end data lifecycle set forth by the Data Governance initiatives.

Without Data Governance, Data Management is effective only to bucket all the data without organizational guidelines.

Data Standardization

& Data Integration

Data Standardization & Integration are critical to successful data transformations. Standardization and integration ensure that data quality policies are enforced, data is integrated correctly, and duplicates are resolved.

This gives data consumers the confidence, trust, and understanding that the enterprise data asset is reliable, auditable, and traceable. It also ensures that definitions, calculations, metrics, and aggregations are consistent throughout the organization.

Data Visualizations,

Analytics, & Data Science 

Reporting, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Science give clear insights into what the data means.  Identifying trends, patterns, and outliers become much easier. Having the underlying details available in a click or 2 helps understand correlations and relationships.

Mercurio D4’s Zero-Distance Data provides secure and auditable direct access to the data. This saves time and increases productivity by removing the middleman. Those who should access the data, can. Those who shouldn’t, never will.

Big Data, AI, & ML

Many organizations use only a fraction of their data. The ability to leverage the benefits of data enrichment from large, complex, and unrelated streaming data has not only added significant capabilities but also complexities for most organizations.  The vast amount of data needs specific storage, security, and management to be addressed to realize the true potential and gain insights from all of the data. 

Mercurio helps you identify areas and strategize where AI can significantly improve constituent and employee experiences and optimize financial performance.

Information Security

Addressing regulations and compliances such as CCPA, S-120, SB 418, PIPDA, FIPPA, and HIPAA requires a practice of ensuring that data and information security processes, policies, and auditing are thoughtfully designed and implemented.

The ability to monitor in real-time and provide documented processes regarding infrastructure, data and field level, and access controls gives organizations the confidence that their data is protected, controlled, and safe.

Master Data Management

MDM has been a game-changer for organizations to secure, manage, and understand the organization’s most critical and core data elements. Having a consistent and trusted data foundation creates absolute clarity and amazing insights.

MDM removes the chaos associated with having too many inconsistent, incomplete, and discrepant pieces of data across all the systems. MDM allows organizations to build deeper relationships with constituents and providers as well as tailor services for the most beneficial and effective outcomes. 

Achieve Complete Data Transparency


  • Demographic
  • Services History
  • Incarcerations
  • Addiction Services
  • Foster Care
  • Education
  • Unified Person 
  • Highest Utilizers


  • Compliance
  • Recidivism
  • Billing
  • Services
  • Locations
  • Evidence-based programs
  • Bi-directional data sharing
  • Pay-for-Performance


  • Integrated Programs
  • Over/Under Utilized Programs
  • Location Optimizations
  • Measure Success Rate 
  • Organizational Service Merge
  • Cross Organization Sharing
  • Funding Sources
  • Employee Scorecards

Mercurio D4

Mercurio’s highly experienced team provides public sector organizations a secure data and analytic platform to transform the interaction between data, people, processes, and organizations to achieve and communicate optimized results. 

Mercurio D4 is an end-to-end solution that provides government agencies the ability to harness the power of data. Using a real-time, holistic view of providers, programs, and constituents, organizations can deliver services faster and more effectively. D4 allows organizations to discover the underlying social determinants, identify critical indicators, and provide the most effective services and support. D4 enables you to be up and running with integrated data and robust, interactive reports without the need to purchase additional hardware nor hire additional resources. Most importantly, leverage your team to do what they are passionate about and realize quick wins within weeks.