D4 BedBoard
by Mercurio

The powerful solution designed for local government agencies to quickly locate the best suited facility to respond to life-threatening challenges with real-time availability. 

Save Time, Save Lives

Homelessness, substance use, suicide, and mental health are just a few social issues we face across the country.

The onus for combatting these challenges falls heavily on the shoulders of local government. In moments of crisis, time is what differentiates between a life saved and tragedy. 

Making our communities safer and more enjoyable and improving the lives of your constituents are significant tasks. Finding the best-suited facility with real-time availability is critical to ensuring those in crisis have access to the life-saving care they need.  

Empower your 1st responders, staff, and providers to manage 988, 911, suicide hotline calls and outreach activities easier to help someone in need.

D4 Bedboard is Mercurio Analytics’ social benefit application. All profits from D4 Bedboard are donated to charities focusing on solutions for homelessness and human trafficking.

How D4 BedBoard Works

How D4 BedBoard Works


Upload your contracted providers and facilities. Facilities update availability electronically or manually.


Enable your 988, 911, suicide hotline, 1st responders, and crisis response teams to immediately locate and contact the best-suited available facility based on the individual’s specific needs. 


Measure the effectiveness of programs, services, and providers. 

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