Empowering Government Agencies to Tackle Critical Social Challenges

Welcome to Mercurio Analytics – Pioneering Solutions for Transforming Communities.
At Mercurio, our mission is clear: to empower government agencies in the pursuit of a safer, healthier, and more equitable society. We leverage cutting-edge data management and analytics, including huan-led AI and generative AI solutions, to address critical social challenges, from previously incarcerated person reintegration to homelessness, child safety, and mental health. Join us in creating a better future, one data-driven decision at a time.


Our vision includes bridging the gap between the prison system and the vital services that pave the way for successful reintegration into society for previously incarcerated individuals.


We understand the complex challenges associated with homelessness and firmly believe in the power of collaboration and data-driven solutions to address this pressing issue.

Child Safety

We’re deeply committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of children within the foster care and children’s services system. We recognize that these vulnerable young lives deserve the utmost care and attention.