D4 Platform
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The powerful solution delivering real interoperability and designed for state and local government agencies to improve communities.

Save Time, Save Lives

Homelessness, substance use, prison recidivism, juvenile justice, and behavioral & mental health are just a few of the many social challenges we face across the country.

The onus for managing these challenges falls heavily on the shoulders of local government.

Making our communities safer, more enjoyable, and improving the lives of your constituents are significant tasks.

Designed with You in Mind

All Your Data at Your Fingertips
Secure Data Model
Robust Dashboards, Reports, & Analytics
Deliver Life-Changing Results, Fast

What is the D4 Platform?

The D4 Platform is a secure SaaS Data Lakehouse, Operational Data Store, and Master Data Management application offering a Self-Service Data Access Layer & Powerful Market-Driven Analytics. The proprietary data model is designed specifically for state and local agencies to integrate organizational data. 

Self-Service Analytics

D4 clients benefit from self-service reports and analytics, process improvements, and improved communication to meet the demands from their citizens, and State and Federal agencies.  The Report & Analytics Catalog provides powerful market-driven insights into your community. 

Streamlined Implementation

D4 is implemented within months rather than years.  Agencies of all sizes now have access to robust features, functionalities, and agility offered by embracing the new advancements, affordably.  

Create Digital Twins

Standard 4-month Implementation

Community Access Capabilities

How D4 Works

Phase 1: Organize

D4, Mercurio Analytics’ proprietary data and analytics platform, is optimized to organize your data across all internal and external systems.  Answer any question quickly, accurately, consistently, and securely every time.  

Phase 2: Analyze

Leverage Mercurio’s D4 market-driven dashboards, reports, and analytics to gain deep insights into your service recipients, providers, and services. 

The D4 solution begins revealing meaningful workflows, actionable insights, and a track record of your success.  


Phase 3: Achieve

Having the complete picture of your unique community, make smarter decisions with stronger results for greater success

The Mercurio Analytics’ team  works closely with clients to deliver market-driven analytics, reports, and dashboards ensuring you are always informed, aware, and prepared. 


Phase 1: Organize

Organize your data across all internal and external systems with D4’s proprietary data model built specifically for local and state governments. 

Phase 2: Analyze

Reveal meaningful workflows, actionable insights, and track your successes using D4’s market-driven dashboards, reports, and analytics. 


Phase 3: Achieve

Make smarter decisions with stronger results for greater success by viewing the complete story of your unique community.


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