Mercurio Analytics provides the processes, technologies and capabilities to empower your staff in successfully operating in the data scientist roles

Mercurio Analytics strengthens your data fabric by addressing the critical issue of data trust stemming from disparate systems and decentralized data. Using a proprietary methodology tailored specifically to our customer’s needs, we enable a level of data accountability and transparency that empowers leaders to manage like never before. Outcomes from these efforts provide lasting ROI, unlock resources to expand the impact and range of business to improve both efficiencies and margins. 

The 4 Dimensions of Data



We work with your organization to assess, improve, streamline, and automate processes based on industry best practices to achieve optimal outcomes for your deliverables.



We implement industry best practices and document guidelines, principles, and standardizations adopted by an organization to govern and manage the organization’s objectives, vision, mission, and goals. These include data consumption, usage, dissemination, and security of data, information, and infrastructure. 



We convert your organization to be one that is truly data centric by evangelizing the power of data and establishing an engaged data governance organization. 

The transformation provides an environment focused on continual improvement to achieve a collaborative environment focusing on data management, data governance, information security, data integrations, and data dissemination to achieve the desired outcomes and objectives.  



We ensure your combination of choices an decisions chart the best course of action to achieve the desired outcomes that support organizational goals and create positive outcomes and desired results.

Mercurio Analytics Difference

No Vendor Lock 


Low Investment 


Low Learning Curve    

Great Results

The D4 platform is more than an integrated data management solution in the cloud, on-prem, or hybrid environment. It is the backbone for your operations that provides an accurate view of your organization. 

  • Integrated, performant, and secure Data Platform
  • Market driven reports and dashboards
  • Public open data and third-party data to incorporate for analysis 
  • Geocoding APIs 
  • Integrated secured access 

Looking for a dashboard or report? Mercurio doesn’t believe in charging for reporting since it’s an important part of data representation. Mercurio’s Analytics’ Analytics division is an extension of your reporting team. If you can’t find what you need from our vast report catalog, leverage Mercurio Analytics team to design and deliver the exact report to meet your needs. Most likely, we have it or would be happy to create it.


We Believe No One Should Fall Through The Cracks

Mercurio Analytics is a data management and analytics consulting company focusing on the data transformation and modernization of government agencies. 

With the advances in communication, technology, and service delivery, there is no reason that we need to choose which life is more important. As new issues arise, they add to the existing issues being addressed by State and local agencies. We enable our clients to power pivot and address existing and new issues in a managed and solid manner to ensure no one falls through the cracks. Our clients are quickly able to find and divert funding to the crisis at hand without negatively impacting existing services. 

Our team of innovative, goal-oriented, and passionate data management experts and data scientists leverage experience, knowledge, and technology to deliver the best suited solutions which solve organizational challenges, modernize data environments, and are strategically-aligned to organizational goals and visions. 

We are committed to educating our clients, facilitating change, and collaboratively implementing solid solutions that meet current and future needs.    

Empowering you to know more and do more!